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Since January 2021, Jenny has been working on a series of dances inspired by her lived experience and the experiences of those in her community in response to isolation, grief and loss. Through film and movement, this event will ask you to reflect on the questions that fueled the creation of a new work in this series: What does it mean to belong to a person, to a place, to yourself? In a time where many people are navigating place, space and increased screen time, experience the joy of dance as a way to be closer to ourselves and others.


"Homecoming of Ohke Kah Nippi Mehquontamūonk (Earth and Water Memory)" Film Screening

Join us for a very special screening of Ohke Kah Nippi Mehquontamuonk / Earth and Water Memory, as we bring it home to UMASS Boston.

November 2nd | 7pm | Free
University of Massachusetts in Boston


Public Kitchen + Dance Court

Hosted in collaboration with the Design Studio for Social Intervention, Stiggity Stackz Worldwide and Comfort Kitchen

The Dance Court and Public Kitchen serve as installations designed to help us reimagine, experiment and realize the ways in which public infrastructures can improve the quality of our lives. We have room to imagine the futures we want to create! Doing this takes experimentation and creativity. To spark this, we invite you to experience the Dance Court and Public Kitchen as “productive fictions" in Mary Hannon Park* in Roxbury, over the course of two consecutive weekends.

A new interactive installation active at the Museum of Science. The artwork is a part of an exhibition by MOS called 'Exploring AI: Making the Invisible Visible’, featuring cutting-edge technologies and projects utilizing AI technologies. Masary Studios trained a neural network on footage of over 3 million images of Boston-area dancers. The artwork generates images similar to its training data from input it has never seen before — 𝘆𝗼𝘂.

Opens September 27 at the Museum of Science Boston


Moving Through the Budget

in partnership with the 

Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics

Using collaborative storytelling, dance, and movement to prototype a new, reflective form of engagement with East Boston & Jamaica Plain residents on the City Budget, MTTB offered residents an opportunity to creatively engage and learn about the budget & budgeting process.

Jenny Oliver.jpg

BELONGING is a grantee of Live Arts Boston 2022. Through movement, drawing, and discussion, BELONGING is an experiential performance workshop series that will creatively engages audiences in the questions: “What does it mean to Belong to a person, to place, to yourself?


Bates Dance Festival 2022

The Bates Dance Festival brings together an international community of choreographers, performers, educators & students in a cooperative community to study, perform & create new work. Jenny taught a daily 2.5hr Horton-based modern dance and creative process class during the 40th year anniversary of the festival.


Sparked by the struggles of indigenous people at Standing Rock and the struggle for clean water in Flint, Michigan, this project uses movement, light, and sculptural elements to create a visceral experience of empathy and hope.

2019 - 2021

ASC Ep. 7_MASARY Studios_Photo by Sarah Hinzman_46.jpg

Jenny founded the performing collective in 2016 and has been working to create visceral  contemporary dance works, events, workshops, performances and installations that provoke conversation and personal reflection.

Background Photo: The Diahann Project | Stefanie Belnavis

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