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Saturday 9-10:30AM, Studio 6
Dance Complex 

536 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139

$16 per class - Pay online with the booking link. 

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August Schedule

August 5th: Studio 6

August 12th: Studio 6

August 19th: Studio 6, Rachael Thomas Covers

August 26th: Dance Complex Closed

September Schedule

September 2nd: Dance Complex Closed

September 9th: Studio 6

September 16th: Canceled

September 23rd: Canceled

September 30th: Studio 6 

October Schedule

October 7th: Studio 6

October 14th: Studio 6

October 21st: Studio 6

October 28th: Studio 6 

November Schedule

November 4th: Studio 6

November 11th: Studio 6

November 18th: Studio 6

November 25th: Studio 6

December Schedule 

December 2nd: Studio 6

December 9th: Studio 6

December 16th: Studio 6

December 23rd: Studio 6

December 30th: Dance Complex Closed


Inquire About the Beginning/Intermediate Class

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Class is a Horton based modern taught at a pace designed for the students in the room. Class begins with sequential and consistent warm-up, continues with center phrases that are designed to promote competence and growth of proper technique. Students are encouraged through proper corrections focused on alignment and detailed explanations of the initiation of movements. This is important in reducing injury to both new and seasoned dancers. Across the floor phrases that are poly-rhythmic in progression promoting a sharp mind and allowing the skill of acquiring information quickly and accurately to develop. A person does not need to have the goal of becoming a professional modern dancer in order to see real benefits from learning about their body through this technique.

Level I Information: This class builds the necessary vocabulary and body awareness required for Horton technique. Flat Back, Lateral, Flat Back Backbend, Pelvis Press and Spirals are the focus. Working in both parallel and turned out, dancers are coached through each exercise to ensure the proper execution and anatomical connections of the body. Modifications are given to dancers when needed to target the specific muscle groups without inviting injury.

Pre-registration is required.

For inquiries, complete the form above.

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