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Advanced Intermediate

Last Monday of the Month

Boston Dance Studios

261 Friend Street 5th Floor
Boston, MA 02114

Price varies based on drop-in/membership/passes

August Schedule

  • August 7th: 8-9:30pm Levi Marsman Covers

  • August 14th: 8-9:30pm

  • August 21st: 8-9:30pm

  • August 28th: 8-9:30pm

September Schedule

  • September 4th: 8-9:30pm No Class

  • September 11th: 8-9:30pm

  • September 18th: 8-9:30pm

  • September 25th: 8-9:30pm No Class

October Schedule

  • October 2nd: 8-9:30pm

  • October 9th: 8-9:30pm No Class

  • October 16th: 8-9:30pm

  • October 23rd: 8-9:30pm

  • October 30th: 8-9:30pm

November Schedule

  • November 6th: 8-9:30pm

  • November 13th: 8-9:30pm

  • November 20h: 8-9:30pm No Class

  • November 27th: 8-9:30pm

December Schedule

  • December 4th: 8-9:30pm

  • December 11th: 8-9:30pm

  • December 18th: 8-9:30pm

  • December 25th: 8-9:30pm No Class

Class is a Horton based modern taught at a pace designed for the students in the room. Class begins with sequential and consistent warm-up, continues with center phrases that are designed to promote competence and growth of proper technique. Students are encouraged through proper corrections focused on alignment and detailed explanations of the initiation of movements. This is important in reducing injury to both new and seasoned dancers. Across the floor phrases that are poly-rhythmic in progression promoting a sharp mind and allowing the skill of acquiring information quickly and accurately to develop. A person does not need to have the goal of becoming a professional modern dancer

Int/Adv. Information: This class will continue to expand the vocabulary built in Level I continuing to learn the fortifications, preludes and studies of the technique. It is designed for an Intermediate/Advanced level mover. This assumes that you have had some experience with dance training in Modern, Ballet, Jazz or something similar and you have an ambition to push beyond your experiences or limitations to engage with a fast paced technical approach to embodied learning. The quicker pace pushes dancers to apply polyrhythmic concepts and phrases together using musicality and body articulation.


Pre-registration is required.

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