Modern Connections Collective is an umbrella term that houses Modern Connections, a Horton based modern dance technique class, the repertory component and Connections Dance Theater.  

Modern Connections Collective (MCC) brings people from various backgrounds together to explore movement and story telling.  Started by Jenny Oliver in 2014, MCC classes and Connections Dance Theater choreography aims to develop the technical ability of dancers, performance ability of dancers and the collective collaboration possibilities that dancers have to promote the welfare of others.  

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#KitchenClasses, Fridays 9-11am on IGLive weekly movement class for a small space



Wednesday, Oct. 16th 

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

7pm, Free

How can art, artists and cultural institutions move from perpetuating colonialism to confronting, repairing, resisting and ending it?
Join Boston-area thinkers, entrepreneurs, activists, city officials and artists for a discussion inspired by national observances marking the 400th anniversary of when the first Africans to be sold into bondage in North America arrived at Jamestown. This evening’s event brings together a panel of artists to discuss the relationship between art, artists, cultural institutions and the legacy of colonialism in North America.

Our conversation curator will be Sadada (she/her/hers), freelance educator and student of practice. Participants include:
• Michael J. Bobbitt (he/him/his), artistic director, New Repertory Theatre
• Jenny Oliver (she/her/hers), artistic director, Connections Dance Theater
• Deborah Spears Morehead, M.A. (she/her/hers), artist

Friday + Saturday, Nov. 8th + 9th

University Settlement

184 Eldridge Street, New York


The purpose of Move to Change is to use dance as a form of social justice and arts activism through the lens of people of color (POC). The goal of Move to Change is to create cultural and gender affirming spaces for artists of color (African, Latina/o/x, Asian, Arab, Native American [ALAANA]), MENA, & SWANA to educate, empower, & illuminate issues that reflects their histories and cultures through their unique and rich movement aesthetics.

December 14 - 22

Saturdays at 2 pm & 7 pm, and Sundays at 2 pm. 


John Hancock Hall, 180 Berkeley St. Boston, MA 02116