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Modern Connections Collective is an umbrella term that covers:

  • Classes: Horton based modern dance technique
  • Modern Connections Collective, a project based performing group 

Latest News:


"Forward Together" a new work commissioned and performed by Boston Dance Theater trainees will be presented at Dance Now Boston on

May 13th (8pm) + 14th (7pm) as part of


Dance Now Boston is an evening of dances curated by David Parker.

Inspired by the sonic landscape, "Forward Together" takes the viewer on an unexpected journey of possibility through rhythm and human connection.


Open Call Audition (1).png

Rukadance & Modern Connections Open Call Audition

Ruka White of Rukadance and Jenny Oliver of Modern Connections are co-hosting open call audition on Sunday, June 11 from 2-5 pm at The Dance Complex. You can find the audition details, learn more about the companies, and register here: https://wkf.ms/3LYSBPD. Navigate to the week of June 11-17 to submit your $10 audition fee here: https://www.vagaro.com/modernconnections/classes.


Exploring AI: Making the Invisible Visible

Data Choreographics is an artwork created by Masary Studios as part of the Museum of Science's new exhibition, Exploring AI: Making the Invisible Visible. The artwork was trained on regional dance groups and explores AI’s ability to recognize and represent human form in real time. This exhibit is open to the public.

Museum of Science, Boston



weekly movement class for a small space

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